DIY Wealth is easier than you think,  Anyone can be financially Independent with a few Baby Steps.

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What are your beliefs about money

Your Money Beliefs

  • Money is evil
  • Yes I CAN do that
  • I don’t understand Money
  • I can’t do that

Controlling your money by understanding, eliminating, saving and using a budget that works.

Control Your Money

  • How to save in real life
  • Understanding Cash Flow
  • How to eliminate Debt
  • A budget that works
How to make money in Real Estate, income properties and buying homes.

Real Estate Investing

  • Buying a house
  • Buying Income Property
  • Power Team Members
  • Buying or starting a Business
Investing in Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, RRSP and TFSA, 401K, GICs

Market Investments

  • Stock Investing
  • Mutual Funds, ETFs,
  • Bonds and GICs
  • RRSPs, 401K, TFSAs
The words of money Income, Asset, Liability, Equity, Net worth, Expenses, Financial Independence

Words of Money

  • Asset Liability
  • Financial Independence
  • Net Worth, Equity
  • Good and Bad Debt

Resources to learn more

  • Other Opinions
  • New Ideas
  • Great Advice

Much of what is presented here comes from my “Baby Steps 2 Wealth” and “DIY Wealth“ courses. A complete Financial Education that is NOT Main Stream Stuff!! Most Financial websites are about LIVING WITHIN YOUR MEANS. (NOT MUCH FUN FOR MOST OF US) This site is about EXPANDING YOUR MEANS SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

This is no GET RICH QUICK scheme!!! It will take time and effort. But what you’ll find here works for everyone, no matter what your present financial situation. It’s not complicated, its fun, and it works.


Eric Tippelt (Uncle E)

5 Responses to “Home”

  1. RT says:

    Thank you for the unbiased and HOW to information, so I can start to understand WHAT the planners and GIC, RRSP, etc. salesman are trying to get me to buy.

  2. MDouglas says:

    Thanks Eric for the great help, I enjoyed your course it was probably the best course I’ve taken so far through my entire schooling. It taught me alot and your teachings are already taking effect on my financial situation (in a good way) and if any one is thinking about taking a course on how to manage your money I STONGLY SUGGEST YOU TAKE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. Jane Dempsey says:

    Hi Eric,

    Well, finally!!!! Someone who really knows what they are talking about, and can apply simple and basic knowledge to a new organization who was missing a couple of steps within the track of success.

    Your kindness, and patience is greatly appreciated. You have a new fan, and a new student!

    I look forward to the next meeting.


    Jane Dempsey
    President & CEO
    Beyond Covers Inc.

  4. Mathew C. says:

    Great source of information on how to properly manage your money. Took Eric’s course last week. It covers basic financial planning (expense record sheets, income records, etc), GIC’s, TFSA’s, RRSP’s along with how to get around the belief that you simply cant make money in any way other than working. Mind, it is a lot of info in such a short amount of time. But it’s definitely worth it.

  5. Matt Maracle says:

    I attended the baby steps 2 wealth course and was surprised with how much I learned about where I should be putting my money to maximize its growth and save for retirement. Also Eric told us the secrets the banks won’t tell us and don’t want us to know. Wish I had this information 15 years ago but better late then never.
    It’s definitely worth the small price for course that you will end up making back a thousand times over with the knowledge.

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